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a party of judeo evangelical christians for all write in candidates of the united states of america also join us on facebook just search nwip


Jerry w. wilson

us president in 2012 only in 13 states where theres no write in candidate Qualifications

usually write in candidates are underdogs and the electoral college is setup to keep them out of many states we dont plan on winning and know it will be a fight but we need a new political party the democrate and republicains have done nothing but lied and made broken promises and run us and deeper in debt while they are spendinding and sending millions overseas and they want to cut millions out of medicaid/medicare and social security  that hurt the elderly and disabled people in this country.

No Oboma isnt Jesus Christ only Jesus can save and oboma will destroy this country worst if re elected.

Republicains-want to help the rich and hurt the poor well wont dont need them either.

we need to put an end to abortion which plain and simple is murder.

we need to put prayer back in public schools and the 10 commandmendts back in the court house.

Jesus is coming soon my friend are you ready to meet him?  he stands at your hearts door knocking except him before its too late and we have no promise of when thats going to be but it will happen this site is for our party its not about 1 or 2 people its about the greatest nation in the world America if your an american citizen its about you and it will take the american people to overcome the evil running this nation most partys ask for a fee to join we do not descriminate we believe god created all men equal and the only one who has the right to judge is JESUS AND GOD the father.

to join us just fill out this form


JOIN us fill in the form below must be a us voter over 18 leave name and physical and email address its free

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for usa write in candidates and voters on facebook search for nwip

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